100 Gifts Week – Of family gatherings and day planners

This week, I’m focusing on a lot of things that I’m thankful for. Please, in the comments, share even the smallest gifts that you’ve noticed today.

  1. family gathering together
  2. using event planning experience for good
  3. old, classic 50s music
  4. a vehicle that gets me place to place
  5. being a reference for friends looking for jobs
  6. bursting with ideas late into the night
  7. a notebook and pen on the nightstand
  8. serving at church in areas I love
  9. being able to blog
  10. going through my blog and re-living the past two years
  11. digital scrapbooks
  12. my day planner
  13. winkflash – keeping photos stored in one location
  14. a fresh look at an old novel
  15. using parts from the original novel
  16. finding the perfect character name
  17. a day packed with meetings
  18. holiday anticipation
  19. lunch meetings that go a bit over the one hour mark
  20. using evernote for tracking everything in life
I’ve kept a (fairly) regular gifts journal ever since my friend, Caitlin Muir, began doing her Thankful Thursday posts in the style of Ann Voskamp‘s One Thousand Gifts. If you haven’t heard of or read One Thousand Gifts, do so – now.

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