100 Gifts Week – Of salad bars and sunny days

This week, I’m focusing on a lot of things that I’m thankful for. Please, in the comments, share even the smallest gifts that you’ve noticed today.

  1. caffeine
  2. spell check
  3. salad bars
  4. space heaters
  5. cherry coke zero
  6. a perfect haircut
  7. new books in the mail
  8. multiple twitter account chaos
  9. follow notices in email inbox
  10. good old songs to pick me up
  11. a surprising sunny day
  12. short-lived colds
  13. reminders from above
  14. pumpkins – everything about ’em
  15. 50 years of marriage to celebrate
  16. clean CAT scans
  17. fulfilling sleep
  18. fondue nights with family
  19. flexible work schedules
  20. an understanding boss

I’ve kept a (fairly) regular gifts journal ever since my friend, Caitlin Muir, began doing her Thankful Thursday posts in the style of Ann Voskamp‘s One Thousand Gifts. If you haven’t heard of or read One Thousand Gifts, do so – now.

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