The 16-year-old me would kick my ass right now

web_iStock_000017242880LargeIn March, I scaled back on my blogging because other life priorities began stressing me out.

  • I started my own business, which has consumed my nights, weekends.
  • We started a garden, which meant canning/preserving/watering consistently.
  • I took on a new role within my day job that offers a great portfolio and a higher degree of stress.
  • I continue to write, edit and tweak my historical fiction.
  • I volunteer with the Oregon Christian Writers and dedicate many hours a week to the cause.
  • Family is still, and always will be, my number one priority that goes before all of these.

These things have prevented me (now and over the past five years) from some of the things I love most.

Mainly, my horse.

In my most stressed of days, I reminisce about the good ol’ days in high school where I mucked stalls, exercised lesson horses and went home to write my novels and do homework.

But then I think.

Grow up. It wasn’t all rosy and sunshine. I mucked stalls for $3 a piece and dreamed about my college degree and how I would have a warm, cushy office job. Now I have that warm, cushy office job. The 16-year-old version of myself, bundled in stinky barn clothes would whack me over the head with a pitchfork and tell me to be grateful for what I have.

Funny how perspectives change. Funny how we forget certain things.

Funny how when you get exactly what you want, you don’t always see it.

Yes, I need to re-prioritize certain areas. Who doesn’t?

I love my job(s). I love my life. Let’s not forget the bigger picture.




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