1942 Field Bible – Holding history in your hands

“Throughout the centuries, men of many faiths and diverse origins have found in the Sacred Book words of wisdom, counsel and inspiration…” – FDR

My husband gave me this 1942 field bible for my birthday and in holding it, I feel the history of whoever carried this through the battle or service during World War II.

1942 field bible

1942 field bible

1942 field bible

Do you have any pieces of history that you’re fascinated by?

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  • Edwina Cowgill

    When my parents moved in with my sister, we had to close up their home. There was not enough room in their new location to take everything they owned, so I received quite a bit of “stuff.” Among the stuff was and 1935 edition of the Methodist Hymnal, a 1947 editon of Voices of Praise, a 1934 edition of “One hundred and One Hymn Stories (first copyrighted in 1923)and a 1926 edition of “Introducing the Old Testament.” This book belonged to the pastor of the church where I grew up. I got a lot more things from my mom and dad – just too mamy to list here.

  • There are countless old hymnals among the possessions of my late mother-in-law. Our choir sings frequently from a 1920s era hymnal.

    I also recently completed a Constitution 101 course with Hillsdale College and have to say that the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, along with all the Federalist Papers, letters, and speech transcripts that were presented are fascinating, as well.

  • So cool, Carrie!