A father’s wedding toast…with a little cheese

Nicole M Miller authorI’m sure no father looks forward to the day they hand off their daughter to a man. That, or they count down the days.

Either way, my dad is known for his witty remarks. He’s also known as the man who “tolerates” animals only because his daughter wanted them. His name suggestion for a kitty I brought home? “RK.” Road Kill. (I didn’t name the cat that, by the way.)

So when he buys his first-born daughter a horse, it is with the intention that the horse diversion will keep her away from boys. Hopefully until she is 30.

Well, if you’ve read how I met my “keeper,” you’d know my father’s plan backfired. I would meet my to-be husband because of horses.

This would be the gist of my dad’s wedding toast at our reception. He warned all dads at that time to try a different (and less costly) plan to keep your girls away from boys.

My daddy. I love you.

And to you other daddys out there – don’t be fooled into thinking horses will keep your baby girl away from boys. Just fair warning.

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