A few more thoughts on Pinterest

I wrote an overview of Pinterest and it’s potential for businesses, writers and the every-day Joe. But after using it for a while more and discussing it with other authors, social media gurus and friends, I have some more thoughts:

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1. For authors, Pinterest needs to be a tool to reach new audiences. 

Among writers groups, we can get sucked in to promoting our work to each other. And only each other. Writers hopefully aren’t your target audience if you’re writing science fiction. They are a part of it, sure. But you need to go out and seek other science fiction readers! When you first started reading your favorite genre, did you find it through a writing group that the author belonged to? No, you had a friend recommend the book, perhaps.

So writers need to be out there, immersed in their audience. Marketing to their audience.

The same goes to businesses!

2. When I say I use the “Boards” to plot and brainstorm for my novels, I’m not posting and pinning super-relevant details. I’m pinning whatever image inspires me.

No, we don’t want to “give away” the plot to the novel we’ve spent ten years developing. But if you’re working on a tough scene and need a little visual organization, going to the history boards can help spur you on!

3. You can really tell a lot about people by what they “pin.” 

I mean this in a good way. I’ve learned new things about people I’ve known and started following on Pinterest and I love it! We’re visual by nature. First impressions are usually appearances and it is hard to shake those.

On the other hand, Pinterest is completely public and there aren’t any privacy settings. That said, I hope people remember their digital cork-boards shouldn’t be the same as what might be pinned in a private office. Digital information is forever and your digital resume will follow you for years to come. I have not seen an instance among the pinners I follow, but I throw this caution out there.

If you want an invite, leave a comment below and I’ll send you one! Feel free to explore my boards and get a feel for the site. Maybe it’s your cup of tea, maybe it isn’t.

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  • I’ve wondered about this topic before, and I’m intrigued about trying to use Pinterest to increase my blog traffic, but I’m unsure about HOW to go about doing that. Do I post links to my blog, even though it’s less of a visual or DIY blog and more of a personal/inspirational blog?

    How do you avoid having it look like shameless self promotion?

  • Thanks for stopping by, Teresa!

    For your personal/inspirational blog, I think you could use Pinterest to “pin” and “share” inspirational quotes and images out there that you enjoy or that your blog readers would enjoy. Building a community around you and your name will come back to your blog. Then, when you post a blog and use an image for that blog, pin that image and make a caption with the core message of that blog title. Then, when people click on that pin and image, it will open to your blog post. See this example: http://pinterest.com/pin/244320348504654993/ – I posted an image from one of my blogs, so the html with that image goes to the original post.

    The key to avoiding shameless self promotion (not that I’m an expert in this) is the 90/10 rule – spend 90 percent of your time sharing other people’s pins that you like, commenting on other’s posts and pins and then using 10 percent of the time to promote your own things. Do unto others as you would want others to do to you! 😉 I hope that helps!

    Your blog is beautiful and I look forward to conversing more, Teresa!

  • Okay, you’ve intrigued me. But I hve tried to look at your board, but I just keep getting a blank screen. I guess this is because I am not registered.
    So, could you send me an invite please? I’m interested in trying it out.
    Thanks for an informative blog post.

  • I sent you an invite, Ken! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll check my link – I’m not sure why it would be blank even if you’re not on Pinterest. Hmm….technology can be funny.

  • Thanks for the invite, Nicole. I’m on there now and looking at your board. Already clicked on one of the links about blogging. Now I just need to sort out my networking sites and update my blogging skills. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I need to write that novel, too!
    Thanks again!

  • Christie

    I’d love an invite Nicole. I’ve just found out about Pinterest today and want to take a closer look. Thanks for the info!

  • The invite has been sent into cyberspace! Look for it in your email! Thanks for stopping by, Christine!

  • Nicole, thanks for the informative post! I’m interested in using Pinterest as a brainstorming tool for my new book and promotional tool for my fantasy for middle-grade readers coming out next year. Could you send me an invite?

  • Thanks for reading, Claire! I sent you an invite!

  • Nicole I would love it if you could send me an invite – love the visual

  • Sent!! Thanks for stopping by, Suzanna!

  • Marion

    I’m curious about this Pinterest thing. Can I have an invite? Thanks!

  • Be careful, Marion… Curiosity can lead to mild obsessions… 🙂

  • Cordia

    Please send me a Pinterest invite.


  • It is on its way! Enjoy, Cordia! And thanks for stopping by!

  • Lillian

    I was in your workshop at the OCW conference last Sat. I hope I can get onto Pinterest soon.