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Recently, I lost some weight and decided to reward myself by taking some new professional headshots. See my old post about the modeling session with my horse here. That was a riot. We learned then that my horse is not the most patient or understanding of props. He’s downright annoying, in fact.

But we endured and I ended up with some very nice shots, courtesy of my friend Ashlee Murr. She also photographed my wedding and my sister-in-law’s senior pictures.

I learned a few things, though, in looking through my “film.”

  • My horse is not photogenic. He ruined most of my good shots. (Note to self, leave horse in barn next time.)
  • My horse can be pretty darn photogenic. When he wants to be. Or when he’s distracted.
  • I’ve come a long way from the “rodeo queen” who was so used to being photographed all those years ago. It doesn’t come quite so naturally anymore.
  • Those shots where I goofed off a bit and cut loose were always the best.
  • I don’t hide my annoyance well. (Especially when a certain horse is nibbling on my fingers.)
  • Overall, it was a wonderful memory. A memory I’ll cherish far more than the photos themselves. (Nothing beats three other people screaming, shaking plants and trying to get the horse’s ears forward.)
Aren’t all family portraits/photo shoots a bit like this? (Dare I even bring up painful memories of families scrunched together and forced to smile for the Christmas card?) Either way – it’s all part of life.
You share: What is your most memorable family portrait or photo shoot?



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  • You are radiant!

    Most memorable photoshoot – ummm…in the soggy Oregon rain. My “I’m an adult now that I’m graduating college!” photos. Fun. But so soggy.

  • Hmm – rain photo shoots are no fun at all. I’m sure you looked fabulous, though! Any tips for people stuck in the rain for a photo?