Hello faithful blog readers (yes I’m talking to all three of you!)

I apologize for the disruption in the regularly scheduled programming. A cold bug has overtaken my home, my husband and my own head. So I’ve been in foggy, murky congestion land for the past few days. I dearly miss my writing, my blog, my facebook…even my day job!

I hope to return soon!!!

In the meantime, here are some links to other FABULOUS blogs!
Couldn’t agree more with this lovely post: Write Happily by Caitlin Muir

Also loved this post: How authors alienate readers on social media sites by Jody Hedlund

I work for a college of pharmacy, so I found this also fascinating! Pharmacy in WWII by the amazing Sarah Sundin.

There are many more fabulous blogs out there I could point to, but the dizziness is starting to consume me and I might need to disappear in bed with my two warm snuggle buddies (otherwise known as full size mutts who don’t mind one bit that I’m home sick to keep them company.)

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  • Heidi

    Hope you feel better, Nicole!