Best Blogs of the Day

I had to post some links to some amazing blogs you should be following:

First, my agent, Wendy Lawton, is writing a great series this week about the inside track to getting an agent. Today’s post was an excellent explanation of commercial fiction and what she’s looking for.

On the e-book front, Michael Hyatt posted trends to watch for in 2011. I think it’s important to stay atop publishing trends, and ready or not, e-books is the biggest trend out there.

Agent Rachelle Gardner also touched on the topic of commercial fiction and brings up some excellent points about the CBA market in her post today, “What’s with all the bonnet books?

As you might notice, I follow these three blogs consistently and another 20 on Goggle Reader. If you haven’t discovered Google Reader, I highly recommend you google it. 🙂

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