Blog, Interrupted…

By life.

It’s 10:14 p.m. and I realized I’d forgotten my regularly scheduled Thursday blog.

I apologize. Had planned on writing about the Christian Historical Fiction Challenge that I just now learned about (that started in January)… But I cannot devote my full attention to the matter now.

Its definitely been one of those days where life simply gets in the way of everything. Even life.

The to-do list gets longer.

Pesky little issues keep coming up.

Everything seems to go wrong.

Then the dog has an accident by the door and you nearly step in it. Nearly. Thank goodness.

Sigh. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a downer – I dont like to let little things like this get me down, because in the grand scheme of things, days like this are nothing. There will always be a more trying time ahead and I’ll look back at these silly little things and think, “What was I whining about?”

It’s that thought that helps keep me grounded. This has little to do with writing, riding or reading…but here it is. Here I am. Thanks for listening.

I’ll return to the regularly scheduled blogging topics on Monday. Unless life gets in the way, as it usually does.

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