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  • Hey Nicole,

    Thanks for sharing some ideas about Pinterest. When I first starting looking at it, I just didn’t see any value for creating pin boards and how it might help my business. A few weeks later, a friend starting telling me all these “Ninja” ways she was actually making money with her pin boards! And it is way easier than anything she’s ever done with other Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and all the other “Johnny-Come-Latelys” that keep popping up on the Internet.

    So wanting to know more, I found a fantastic video that shows some really clever ways to easily make money with Pinterest. I wasn’t thrilled I had to pay some cash for it but for $7 and change – the valuable knowledge I gained is worth hundreds of times that price. Just be aware that if you want to invest in the 45 minute training video – the price rises with every sale – so don’t wait long to check it out.

    Oh, here’s the link to the video:

    Have fun!

    Mark Madere

  • Thanks for stopping by, Mark! Pinterest is so incredibly easy, I think that is the major draw in this crowded, noisy world.