confessions: book-consumption habits


In meeting with an author friend of mine, we discussed some ways to reach new readers, which led to a discussion about how books are purchased/consumed nowadays.

Here are my habits:

– I buy and read just as many paperbacks as I did before I owned a Kindle.

– I make more impromptu purchases on my Kindle if I receive a good recommendation.

– If a used book is the same price as the Kindle version, I buy the physical book (thank you, Prime Membership.)

– I spend much less time strolling through bookstores (and I lament this), but I “stroll” through Amazon regularly.

– I download and listen to audiobooks from certain genres.

– As I’m running out of space in my bookshelves at home, I do tend to buy e-book if I can, and I give away physical books whenever I’m done reading them.

What about you? Consider this a scientific study — I’d love to hear about your book consumption habits! 


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