Book Review: The Master’s Wall


After watching Roman soldiers drag his parents away to their death, David, a young Hebrew, is sold and enslaved to serve at a villa outside of Rome. As David trains to become a skilled fighter, he works hard to please his master and hopes to earn his freedom.

However, an opportunity to escape tempts him with its whispering call. Freedom beckons, but invisible chains hold him captive to the master’s granddaughter, an innocent girl with a fiery spirit. David vows to protect Alethea from his master, the murderous patriarch, and contrives a daring plan—sacrifice his own life to save hers.

My Review:

I’m a fan of this time period—the time of gladiators and the complex, lost civilization of Rome. Ever since I read Francine River’s Mark of the Lion series, I’ve been enthralled by the stories of this time.

Sandi Rog’s “The Master’s Wall” does not disappoint. It is rich with detail and riveting characters. The novel itself spans a time of several years and it is all seamless. There are times you love David and Alethea and there are times you hate them. It’s only further evidence of Rog’s genius.

The complications of believing in only one God only add to the tensions of the characters. The reader sees David and Alethea grow up together and when they realize their love for each other, it is a beautiful moment.

This is a quick read—only because it is impossible to put down. I recommend this for all.

The author, Sandi Rog, has had a bittersweet year with the release of her first book and the terrible news of discovering she has Type T-cell Lymphoma.

See a note from DeWard Publishing, here. They have generously agreed that for every copy of”The Master’s Wall” that is sold (including Kindle and Nook) they will donate $1 to a fund for Sandi and her family. This book is a beautiful read and worth it. Please spread the word and help contribute to such a worthy cause.

*Note – I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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  • Nicole, thank you so much for this wonderful review! You’ve totally made my day! And what a day it’s been. I’m stuck in the hospital undergoing five days straight of chemo. Yuck. But to find reviews like this have made it endurable. Bless you!

  • This book sounds very intriguing! And I have a friend who named his daughter Alethea. Very cool!