Oregon, Ho! Pioneer Nation & Sickness on the Trail

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A dear friend asked me a month ago, “You going to Pioneer Nation?” “Say what?” “Chris G’s new conference…” Then she sent me the link: I’d been on the list for World Domination Summit tickets for two years but each time they came up for sale, I didn’t have the spare funds. This time, I had the money — and this was a conference specifically for soloprenuers. This was it. I purchased a ticket within ten minutes of finding the event. The wait for Pioneer Nation to arrive was excruciating. Then, a week out, I caught the nasty cold that was going around. A week out, I thought, would be plenty...

How I Broke “Blogging-Block”


So what does it take to break this “has-been” rodeo queen’s blogging-block? Apparently, attending a rodeo. (I know, it sounds a little obvious in hindsight.) I started writing in sixth grade because I loved horses and wanted to read more about them. I started writing historical fiction in high school based on incredible real-life stories about horses in history. I started this blog specifically to talk about horses and history, and it evolved as my interaction with horses changed. Nowadays, I’m just a city girl. My cowgirl boots are tucked away, rarely fished out. But this past weekend, I attended the Columbia County Fair and Rodeo to see my cousin...

confessions: playing in the big leagues

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In November, I was asked to speak at the April 5th Faith & Culture Writers Conference, which I had attended the inaugural event back in 2011 and adored it. I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough! Today, the official website and lineup of speakers was unveiled—and seeing my name amongst these incredible writers and industry professionals terrifies and thrills me. If’you’d suggested five years ago that I’d be teaching social media and marketing to writers, I would have laughed in your face. But I’ve come to discover that teaching and coaching is one the things I enjoy most about writer’s conferences. These experiences also led me to create Miller Media Solutions, which addresses...

confessions: paper and disney magic

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During a day when I needed a pick-me-up, this blog post from Mashable came up in my Google Reader, and I had to watch the animation short that it described. Need a feel-good moment? Need a bit of a Disney fix? Want to smile? Watch it: This touches on so many things, but oh how it simply made my day. The paper. The Disney magic. The whimsy. Nowadays, would this be a text message instead? A Twitter follow/reply? A chance “friending” on Facebook. Somehow that seems less romantic. As someone who believes in the power of hand-written notes, I hope we never lose the wonder of paper, of chance, of...

confessions: a few of my favorite things

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Though I’m a bit of a blog addict, there are several blogs out there that I regularly recommend for various reasons. Here is a collection of them and who might be interested in said blogs: For leadership/productivity:     Michael Hyatt   For general life perspectives:      Storyline Blog – Don Miller & Friends   For a satirical look at Christian living:     Stuff Christians Like    For a laugh:        The Oatmeal (caution: does contain language and material some might find offensive. Not for the faint of heart.)    For Social Media/Marketing advice:              Social Media Examiner   What are...