The Horse Screamer


Some people go by the “horse whispering” theory for horse training and behavior correction. Well, we tried whispering and my little Grunnion wouldn’t exactly listen. Grunnion has been adapting to life boarding at a barn after spending the rest of his life being the king of his own domain at my parent’s house. It’s been a big adjustment and his latest thing has been pushing his pasture mate and people around with his nose. Not violently, per se, but the horse is strong. Really strong. And he’s an Arabian, which means that neck is fairly long and stretchable. Not the safest or best scenario. My husband, who is genuinely amazing...

Why I’ve Been Scared to Blog About Getting Back into Riding

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Life has drastically changed for this former rodeo queen in the past six weeks. I went from seeing my horse once every few weeks, to seeing him once every few days. We moved him to a local barn with a covered arena (COVERED ARENA!) and I’ve been loving it. I’ve journaled about it. Wrote a few blog post drafts…   But I haven’t got the guts to post them yet. And here’s why: I have so much on my plate, so many people waiting on things from me, that every moment with my horse, I feel guilty. I feel like I shouldn’t be allowed to do something that isn’t for...

The Great Mystery of the Horse-Human Connection

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I’m going to be appearing regularly on – and my first post is up today! Check it out and share with any other horse-lovers you know. This is a great site with tons of information!    I fell in love with horses the way most young girls fall in love with horses — through movies, cartoons, horse figurines and even a wooden rocking horse. I couldn’t get enough. Every company picnic, I’d spend all day on the pony rides. Needless to say, my dad knew this wasn’t a childhood phase. My mother had owned horses, and it must have been in the blood. When we moved onto property, I...

How I Broke “Blogging-Block”


So what does it take to break this “has-been” rodeo queen’s blogging-block? Apparently, attending a rodeo. (I know, it sounds a little obvious in hindsight.) I started writing in sixth grade because I loved horses and wanted to read more about them. I started writing historical fiction in high school based on incredible real-life stories about horses in history. I started this blog specifically to talk about horses and history, and it evolved as my interaction with horses changed. Nowadays, I’m just a city girl. My cowgirl boots are tucked away, rarely fished out. But this past weekend, I attended the Columbia County Fair and Rodeo to see my cousin...