Caution: Changes Ahead

Nothing is for certain. Except uncertainty.

The same is true for the creative process of writing. In the past few weeks, I’ve received some reader feedback, critique group feedback and contest judge feedback. That’s a lot of feedback to take in all at once.

So, after several weeks of thinking, musing, planning, re-planning, re-working and tweaking the novel in my head over and over, I have come up with several important changes to my manuscript and possibly my career.

Truth Unbecoming, the novel I wrote during National Novel Writing Month this past November, is soon to be re-titled and cast into a new genre of Historical fiction. There are also many new plot changes and additions and I’m excited to see the novel journey in this direction.

At first, it was a bit disparaging to hear so much criticism, but as I’ve always said, I love red ink and love to learn from it. So off I go to grow and mold the manuscript into something stronger. From there, it’s getting it all ready for the Summer Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference.

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