Ch-ch-changes…part 2

Revisions – do they ever truly end? Most writing is never truly “finished.” In fact, there are many writers who never read their novels once they are published.

Just as I’m preparing for the summer conference and making the final tweaks to my manuscript, lightning strikes and I’m taken by surprise.

It comes to me: there are some changes I have to make to the story. And it basically requires rewriting most of the first half of the novel.


Ready. Set. Go now if you want to finish this on time!

I’m not complaining, because I’m already immensely pleased with these changes and know it ย is going to be best in the long run. But boy does this throw a wrench in the engine.

So it’s back to work with the writing and rewriting. All for the better!

Also on the chopping block: my old title. New title: TBD. (no, it isnt actually “TBD.” I’m just undecided.)


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