Check out my guest post about my “Keeper”

Admit it, we all have em. Those stories about a “keeper” or a “creeper.” Hopefully, you one day find that “keeper” or have already met and married the “keeper.”

The beautiful and talented Caitlin Muir has started a blog series that posts each Friday. Inspired by certain mishaps that only Caitlin attracts, this series shares different blogger’s stories and offers a little advice, a little hope and (as with anything from Caitlin) a lot of laughs.

Today, I shared my story. How a wannabe Washington rodeo queen met a good ol’ boy from Oregon on the day of her first pageant. Would he turn out to be a keeper or a creeper?

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  • Great article on Caitlin’s blog, Nicole. Isn’t is amazing how God works through even our worst moments?

  • Thanks for sharing your story! I’m so glad you took a chance at that rodeo! 🙂