confession: dogged determination

Honey running with lunge ropeHoney is a three-month-old puppy trapped in a four-year-old dog’s body. But in four years, her spunky nature and playfulness has never waned.

Especially when it comes to her favorite toy, the lunge whip (long whip used in lunging horses in wide circles). I stole this idea from a website: tie a tennis ball to the end of the whip and swing it around in circles. This wears dogs out faster than anything else you can imagine.

But Honey is obsessed. She doesn’t even care that the tennis ball is long gone. She would (and nearly has) chased this whip until she dies. Forget oxygen, forget shaky legs—she sees nothing but that whip when it is in my hand.

What if we approached our life priorities this way? In a world of smartphones, 140-character tweets and noise, what if we loved, learned, absorbed our world with whole focus and undying determination?

When Honey catches the end of the whip, she refuses to let it go, pulling until her gums bleed. She thrives on catching her target. When I command “drop,” she reluctantly does so. But her eyes widen and her tail swishes—she’s utterly focused on the whip once more.

Dog with lunge whip.

Focus on what matters. Focus on your dreams. Don’t let errant, unimportant things distract you.

Let’s all be more like Honey.




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