confession: I’m running out of blogging steam

I knew it would happen when I committed myself to doing five blogs a week. This was meant to be a push for my writing discipline and an exercise in being more open online.

But as I stare at the blank screen today, I’m just not sure what to even write.

I have a whole notebook of ideas that sound brilliant when I jot them down, but then I look at them later and think, “What?”

When blogger friends have posted on Facebook or Twitter: “I don’t know what to blog about.” I say, “Blog about not knowing what to blog about!” thinking that I’m clever. But yeah. Here I am. Not feeling all that clever.

And it’s only Tuesday. 🙂

How is your week going so far? Do you have a funny or inspiring story that you would share with me in the comments? Purty please? 

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  • You know who!

    What happens when a large group of women all get together? I can let you know after this weekend! 17 of us in 1 house for 4 days! Can’t wait! You really need to join my drill team!!!