Confession & My Secret to Everything…

My family and friends generally think I’m a lot more capable than I really am. I get calls regularly – “Oh can you do this?” “Do you know much about this?”

Confession: I usually say yes, even if I have no idea.

My secret? Google.*

I will plug a question straight into the search box, sift through half a dozen answers and pretty much be able to muddle my way through. You can, too. Just don’t be afraid to dive in, stumble, play around with things and try again. It took me three years of tinkering to get my website to a decent point. And I’m still learning—but I determined it was something I wanted to know how to do and control on my own.

So it is up to you. Will you Google* and act?

*Note – I’m not an affiliate or paid by Google. Quite frankly, I think I should be. But any general search engine is perfectly acceptable. 

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  • LOL! So true. What did we do without Google before? Once the power was out at our house for days. It didn’t bother me that there were no lights, air conditioning or cooking appliances. But when we needed to find where they were giving out dry ice and I couldn’t Google it, I freaked.

  • My husband insists we keep phone books around in case of power/network outages. “We can get addresses and such…” he says. But I can’t get my head around not using Google. The apocalypse will really be the absence of Googling capabilities. 🙂

  • Ahhhh. Your secret is out. I must admit that I google more often now that I’m trying to impress my 9 year old. I can’t let him know just how incredibly dumb I can be about most things :p

  • I Google all the time. (Ten years ago that sentence would have made no sense to me…) I also use a search engine called and each time I use it the search engine donates to a charity of my choice. I’ve raised $3.00 for my daughter’s school. 🙂

  • Edwina Cowgill

    I love Google – use it for evrything I need to obtain information!

  • I love Google too, but I have recently found out that I can raise money for my church youth group by using I sent out the link to register to my whole church and the pennies have started adding up! If you want to raise money for any organization or group, it’s a great thing!