confession: nerdy confession #1


From rodeo queen to queen of the nerds. It’s possible.

I’ve reached the pinnacle, if possible. I haven’t even told my husband, because I know he’ll try to hold back a smile and nod and pat my shoulder supportively.

So. I bought my own slide hand clicker for when I give presentations.

There. I admitted it. And when it came in the mail, I was giddy.

Why? Because after teaching more than a dozen  workshops in the past year, I feel like I’m coming to own my identity as a guest speaker.

thingI’m flattered, honored and blown away by this change. I never would have expected to be approached to teach about marketing, social media…

Thus, I want to improve my public speaking and presentation skills. One part of that is using a clicker so you’re not hidden behind the podium. So I researched what other speakers use, and I turned to Amazon.

I know this is silly. I know I shouldn’t feel so powerful when I hold that little plastic clicker. But I do.

Nerdy confessions: share in the comments so I’m not the only one! 🙂 And have a good weekend! 

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