confessions: 2013 isn’t what I expected (so far)

confessionsJanuary 1st began full of promise and hope—it was a beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest. Sunshine anytime between October and April is considered a small miracle. I’d mapped out my goals for the year, re-launched this blog and even managed to tidy up the house.

But as life tends to do, everything got tipped. Our main (and most reliable) truck broke down.


Now, props to the AAA guy who managed the F350 crew-cab, long-bed dually truck with ease. As I followed behind the tow truck with my husband, it was easy to fall into despair. Great, more truck repairs. (If you know of my history with blowing up truck engines, then you know I’m a bit of a bad luck charm when it comes to a vehicle’s fate…) This wasn’t a great start to the new year.

But after a few moments, I wanted to simply slap myself.

We’re so blessed:

– We have AAA — so we didn’t have to pay for the tow.

– The truck broke down in a parking lot, rather than on the side of the road or on the highway.

– The truck was (barely) big enough for our monster of a truck.

– The AAA driver loaded and unloaded the beast as if it were a Geo Metro.

– My husband and I are able to carpool to work.

We’ll get the truck fixed.

What seems like a big deal is so much less once you take stock of your blessings. – Click to tweet this.

Ann Voskamp writes, “The life that counts blessings discovers its yielding much more than it seems.”

Take stock of your blessings today. Or better yet: share the biggest struggle in your life right now, but only look at the blessings within that struggle.

Take heart. There’s always hope.

Much love,

the “has-been”

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