confessions: creating a vision board

I just love stumbling upon things through random tweets… This one I clicked on – “vision board” appealed to me for a variety of reasons. I’m a recovering scrapbooker and I love thinking about the future. Though I know people have done this for years and I’m just a little behind on the terminology, I’m fixated on this idea.

I’m also thinking I might create a digital one versus a paper one… (but that’s the graphic designer in me.)

What would I have on my board?

Family & friends. Horses. (Duh.) Books. Dogs. Adventures through historic sites, national parks. An old typewriter (I’ve always wanted one.) An office of Mac screens and the latest Adobe Creative Suite. (Yes, I’m a nerd!)

Come to think of it… I really am living the dream now… 🙂

What sort of things would be on your vision board?

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