confessions: “it can wait until tomorrow” is a lie

friday flashbacks

On Saturday, I needed to run some errands but I talked myself out of it… “There’s still Sunday! I have plenty of time on Sunday.” Well, Sunday happened to knock me out with a nasty head cold. So much for Sunday.

My greatest enemy is the assumption of tomorrow.

Whenever we stumble, we just say:

I’ll start that diet, tomorrow.

I’ll start that exercise plan, tomorrow.

I’ll start that novel, tomorrow.

I’ll work on that new business idea, tomorrow. 

Well, gosh darn it. That’s not good enough.

We can’t do everything in one day. But we need to fight off that excuse, that silly bit of reason that says “There’s time for that in the future.” We have to look at our priorities. We should make small steps, at least. One hundred words here and there will get you several thousand within a few months. Walking across a parking lot rather than parking next to the door will help jump start that exercise routine.

It can’t wait until tomorrow, because who knows what tomorrow will bring. In many cases, it might bring a nasty head cold.

What are you putting off for tomorrow? Come on, fess up in the comments. 

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  • This reminds me of a great article I was reading yesterday about the top 5 pieces of advice that people ignore. #2 was “To achieve bigger goals, take smaller steps”. The author compared it to when she was running mountain trails and always getting injured. She noticed that mountain bikers would downshift to climb the hills and so she began doing the same thing – taking such small steps that they felt inconsequential…but it let her run up the hills without getting so tired or hurt. She actually won a trail race with this method and passed many people who were taking huge leaps and taxing there lungs. By taking little tiny mouse steps, she beat them all. She went on to talk about how this transfers over into all aspects of our lives – we can get there one tiny step at a time!

    I’m on board!!!

  • That’s amazing, Julie. So true.

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