confessions: let it go

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monday musings

Why do we hold so tightly to the things that make us the most miserable?

Why do we complain about the worst things over and over and glaze over the good stuff?

Why can’t we let go of things that hold us back from relaxing?

Why do the simplest things drive us the most insane?

I want to let go. I want to be free. I want to be the easy going one that people look forward to being around. I want to be love and light, but I hold onto darkness and guilt. I hold onto the things I have no control over, the things that won’t matter in another week or month or year.

We are better than this. I am better than this. You are better than this.

Let’s break free of what society says is normal. Let’s forget those stupid things that don’t carry any real weight. Let’s take the punches as they come, but dust ourselves off and fight again with a smile on our faces. Let’s be genuinely happy. Let’s make a difference in our workplaces, our community and our world – one light-hearted smile at a time.

Always smiling,


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  • YES!

    Let it slide off because in the end, it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

  • So. True.