confessions: how a cluster of like-minded people can recharge and refocus you

Last night I attended a local meeting that happens once a month here in the Portland/Vancouver area — this chapter of a national organization brings together fiction authors and while some might consider it networking and personal development, I really see it as therapy.

These folks truly understand what it means to talk to the imaginary characters in your head. They can commiserate when your plot isn’t coming together quite right. They understand the 12-month wait to hear back from a publisher about your manuscript.

Whether you’re a business owner, horse enthusiast, student or competitive bicyclist, surrounding yourself with people of the same passion can help recharge you and realign your focus.

Since the past few months have been focused on launching Miller Media Solutions, my fiction has taken a bit of a back seat. But fiction is what drives me onward and it has always been my refuge. Meeting with a bunch of other writers helped me rediscover this refuge.

What is your passion? Do you surround yourself with like-minded people? 


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