Confessions of a Kinsella fan…

I admit it. I love Sophie Kinsella books.

I do. They are my top choice for plane rides and late night reads.

When I need a mental break, I pull out Confessions of a Shopaholic, Can You Keep a Secret? or Undomestic Goddess. My latest is probably one of my favorites, “Remember Me?”

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I love Kinsellas’ voice and specifically, her heros. The heorines always have a thousand quirks that ususally rub me the wrong way. Maybe its because I can’t sympathize with the desire to pay “thousands of quid” for a pair of shoes…But her heros. They always make me swoon somehow.

This offers a good character study. I’m sitting here and wondering, “Why is it that I love her male protagonist but usually don’t like her female protags?” All of her characters have realistic flaws, but I think it is the fact that the men always seem to fall so head over heals for these persnickety women.

I thoroughly enjoy the British writing and style as a break from the norm. Each book is an easy read and while not earth-shattering or shocking in any way, they leave me with an “aww shucks” moment. Hey, everyone needs that every now and then!

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