confessions: playing in the big leagues

In November, I was asked to speak at the April 5th Faith & Culture Writers Conference, which I had attended the inaugural event back in 2011 and adored it. I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough!

Faith and Culture Writers Conference

Today, the official website and lineup of speakers was unveiled—and seeing my name amongst these incredible writers and industry professionals terrifies and thrills me.

If’you’d suggested five years ago that I’d be teaching social media and marketing to writers, I would have laughed in your face. But I’ve come to discover that teaching and coaching is one the things I enjoy most about writer’s conferences.

These experiences also led me to create Miller Media Solutions, which addresses the needs I see in small businesses and authors—understanding the complex world of social media marketing.

For all my tedious planning, I had never anticipated this, and I’m delightfully surprised. This all goes to show that the Man upstairs does really, really know what he’s doing.

Q: Have you ever had something turn out differently than expected? Share in the comments!

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  • Nicole- Wow, what a wonderful, humble response. We are honored to have you join us as one of our speakers!
    Looking forward to meeting you! Cornelia

  • Thanks, Cornelia! I’m truly humbled by being asked to speak and I am working on the best presentations I can possibly make! 🙂