confessions: the anti-valentines day post

photo 4I posted this two years ago and it holds true today. 

It’s not like I’m against Valentine’s Day. People get all happy and the pink and red come out in force. It’s hard not to catch a little of the giddiness.

But I’ve always believed there should be so much more to it. Not just one day, but every day should have the same joy and love.

Make every day special. At least, turn Valentine’s Day on your head and do something to commemorate it as Generosity Day. I love this idea. But for goodness sake — if you do something noble, don’t turn around and post it on Facebook or Twitter so the world can pat you on the back. 

Be secretly incredible. Don’t do it for yourself.  

(And this week’s Thankful Thursday post will be moved to Friday.) See – look what Valentine’s Day causes!?

Happy Generosity Day, all!

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