confessions: the beauty in ugly things

photoIt’s been a rough couple of weeks, but through the ugliness of frozen days, illness, jury duty, death and broken vehicles, there has been a true beauty to January 2013.

Sometimes, you have to look beyond the surface to see the true gift.

This outrageously cold weather… also means sunny days with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Being sick and barely getting out of bed for two days… also meant true rest and recovery.

Having jury duty and losing productive work days… also meant fresh perspective and a renewed value in my citizen duties.

Attending two funerals/wakes in one day… also meant seeing the joys of family and life.

Juggling between vehicles… also means I’m so blessed to have a husband who fixes things that break.

Fighting an epic battle with a mouse in the pantry… also means the house has never been so clean and organized. 

All ugly things still have God’s fingerprints at the heart of them. You just have to look close enough to see it.


Are there ugly things in your life right now that are really beautiful blessings in disguise? {maybe in a really good disguise?} I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Much love,

the {still sick} former rodeo queen


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