confessions: time to change the culture of saving money

At a gas station, I overheard an exchange between two pre-teen boys, ages 9 or 10 I’d guess, who had just loaded up on candy and sodas of all varieties. They stood at the counter as the attendant rang up their total, eyes expectantly watching the register.

Both jumped up and down when they learned they had enough money for all their loot.

The ring leader asked for his change in ones so he coud use them in vending machines. They swiped their goodies into their arms and paraded out.

One turned to the other, “We should have spent it all. Why bother saving money?”

The other huffed a laugh. “Yeah? Who saves their money anymore. I say spend it.”

The door jingled as they left and I wanted to cry. I hope this isn’t the future of our civilization.

It’s up to us to set good examples, teach our children well and set a new standard. Are we a culture of buy, buy, buy without ever saving? I’m taking a good look at my own life, my own debt and my priorities.

If we want to change theĀ culture, we need to live it.

Is there hope for the future? Share any good stories with me in the comments – I’m desperate at this point. šŸ˜‰

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