confessions: when everything seems broken

You know those people who just seem to have everything in their life together and working?

Yea. I’m not one of those people. In fact, most everything I touch seems to break. I’ve blown two motors in two different vehicles and it seems I end up with the electronics, appliances and even internet routers with the weirdest quirks. And I’m not making this up. It’s a little too painful to go into more detail, however.

duct tape

Have you ever had days where it seemed like all the duct tape in the world couldn’t patch up the mess? I’m totally there.

But thankfully, there are amazing friends in my life who tirelessly (almost annoyingly) point out that there are still good things in it all. And there always is good under the haze of broken and breaking.

And then there are friends who also send you links like this that just simply make you smile. Look at the Lion cubs. You know you want to.

So even though I begrudgingly hate to look at the bright side, and I hate to even try to smile. I can’t help it. I hope this video does the same for you!



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