The delightful surprises of research and Ebay discoveries

Isn’t it amazing the rabbit trails you follow online? One click leads to something useful (or useless) and then something else catches your eye…And then you find certain things you can’t live without (or is that just me?)

I discovered this documentary (that began as a Kickstarter project) about the history of Polish Arabians…

Sorting through old issues of Arabian Horse World led me to learn about the issue dedicated to Polish Arabian history, which I immediately had to track down. This particular issue was only available on Ebay through one seller – and did I jump on it!

May 1976, here I come:

In scanning this beauty (more of this issue to come!), I found an ad for my horses grandsire, the beautiful Gdansk.

If you live in the Portland area, you might recognize the mountain in this one (image taken in Troutdale, OR):

You just never know where research will take you.

What rabbit trails have you gone down before that led you to something unexpected? 

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