Distractions for a down day

It is a time of transition at my workplace these days and there are a lot of uncertainties ahead. I also found out a good friend of mine who moved to Texas won’t be returning for the summer conference where we first met and forged a friendship. And, it’s July and raining. (OK, normally I’m the first to say a I love the rain and prefer it to 90-degree weather, but today, it just is tipping me over the edge.)

So, I want to share some fun things I do to distract myself and pick up my mood on such down times.

You all know I’m a history buff. Well, you should know that. One of my favorite sites I found from the wonderful people at Favorite PastTimes blog – Sepia Town. This site has photos of various cities from the 1800s on. I love this trip back through time and could spend hours looking at these photos!

(This photo is Seattle – 1930s I believe)

Another escape for me – http://www.filmsite.org/ – I love learning about the history of film and the stories behind these movies we’ve all heard about and seen. Along those same lines – http://moviemaidens.com/ – this site lists all the famous actresses from the 30s through the 50s and has hundreds of photos of these women and their illustrious careers.

The above links were resources for my most recent manuscript, Beautiful Pretense, in which an actress returns home and faces her most challenging role of all.

I hope you learn something new, find some sort of entertainment from these sites that I love to turn to! Have a happy 4th of July weekend!

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  • Wonderful film sites! I hope the uncertainty surrounding work clears within the coming days…and here is to ‘Beautiful Pretense.’ Incredible title. Cannot wait to read it!

  • Thank you, Heather!! I thought you might enjoy the film sites. 😉