Exploring the verb, “To Nikki.”

“To Nikki:”

…to park where the front tire touches one white line and the back tire touches to other white line.

…to fall down the “stair” and twist your ankle.

…to back into a parked Toyota behind you.

…to drop nearly half of the cooking supplies before they reach, or after they reach, the pan.

…to start cooking a meal that requires 1.5 hours of oven time, when you have only 1 hour until you need to leave the house.

…to break ones nose and then snap it back into place.

…to roll a truck door into a pole, bending it backwards.

…to lose one’s balance while carrying a 70 pound dog and fall face first onto the floor.

…to stub ones toe on the same drawer under the bed, even when the drawer remains in the same place every day.

…to blow up a truck engine. (Specifically, two different engines within two years.)

If you have done (or mastered) any of these things, you have pulled a “Nikki”. Congratulations. Go forth, and beware of those further Nikki moments as yet to be discovered.

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