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Pinterest Pinboard Nicole M Miller

Originally Posted Jan 13, 2012

Pinterest is an online pinboard. That cork board you have behind your desk with a variety of pictures and notes stuck all over it? Now you can put it online and add things, share things and repost things that catch your eye.

(Yes, I hear the inner groan of some of you – another social network thingy?)

But, oh. The potential. Click for full post.

I posted more thoughts about Pinterest on Jan 27th, 2012, specifically for authors using Pinterest as a story creation tool.


On May 14, 2012:

Is Pinterest worth the addiction? See full reasoning here. The rest:

Reasons to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

1. It’s cool. And peer pressure generally works.

2. Pinterest is now third among social media sites for driving referral traffic. That’s huge.

3. Pinterest increased my blog traffic increase by 2-3 times. That’s enough proof for me.

4. Pinterest is a non-sleazy way to sell yourself as an interesting figure. Provided you’re actually interesting.

5. Joining Pinterest instantly makes you seem more “hip.” (Kind of relates to point #1. But it’s true.)

That’s all I have to say about this matter. Now go forth and Pin.


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