Fun Facts…about me!

In effort to break the routine of book reviews and other senseless ramblings of mine… I decided to “show” you all a bit more about who I am!

Leave a comment with a fun fact about yourself! Something people might not expect about you… 🙂

I've blogged a bit about this before. But yes, I was a full-fledged, big-haired rodeo queen. This was my first title - Clark County Fair Court Princess. The two lovely ladies on either side are Queen Jessica and Princess Lindsey. Don't we look great? Remember, this was back in 2004.
Here is my beautiful little sister and I outside of the Venetian in Las Vegas. In the back, the posters for "Phantom of the Opera." I'm a HUGE fan of musicals - In fact I directed two musicals in high school. Did all the coordinating, choreography... It was a blast.
Here is the other love of my life, Grunnion, on our first ride together. I have known him ever since he was born, and if there was ever a horse that could be called a "dog," it's this boy. He's a sweetheart and the inspiration for many of my horse characters in my manuscripts.

More to come in the future: How did my husband and I meet? Hint: it has something to do with that first picture up there… What is my favorite memory from my rodeo queen years? Hint: think of roses…

What about you? What is something I’d be surprised to know about you? (That you care to share online for the world to see…)



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