Going paperless, getting organized, starting anew. Sort of.

I’ve made the leap (attemping, more like it) to go as paperless as possible. This is coming from a chronic to-do-listaholic. Really, this is epic.

For notes/digital to do lists:

Michael Hyatt has posted over and over again about the program Evernote. So I thought I’d give it a shot. Really, Michael Hyatt has never steered me wrong. 🙂 And boy, do I LOVE Evernote already.

This syncs notes/articles/photos/everything between your computer, Android, iPhone, iPad and beyond. They have a Mac and a PC version. It is free – you have a data “allowance” for each month but unless you’re doing an outrageous amount of note taking, you should be fine.

Plus, the little elephant logo is cute, isn’t he?


I’m trying the Pomodoro Technique for batching my to-do list. Another Michael Hyatt-based life change. Seeing a trend?

The Pomodoro is basically – write your tasks, set up a timer, do one task at a time for 25 minutes and take breaks in between.

For chronic multi-taskers like myself, this is a novel concept. Multi-tasking decreases your productivity by 40 percent. Ouch.

So far, this is working well. It helped me crank out ten blogs in less than an hour. 🙂

Social Media Schedule:

It needed to be done. I’m planning on expanding my blog to post 5/days a week. So I need structure, purpose and a plan.

This is still in development. I’ll let you know how it goes.

QUESTION: Any tips or tools that you use that you love and recommend???

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