Going through some changes

Blogging is like any other process in life—the more you do it, the more you learn and grow.

My blog has grown a lot over the years and I’ve had to experiment with the content and purpose of it. I’ve shared my writing journey, my personal stories and my novel research. Lately, however, I’ve come to realize this isn’t what my blog is meant to be about.

There are millions of blogs out there in cyberspace. What makes mine so special? (Well, I think I’m special, but that’s not enough.)  🙂

It is time for a revamped focus. It is time to go back to heart of what I truly love: Horses & History.

Arabian stallion Gdansk

So expect to see a shift in this blog. It will be renamed “Hoofbeats of history” (PLEASE let me know if that is tacky… I can’t decide, honestly, if it is or not.)

I’ll focus more on the stories that have shaped my life—the horses and horsemen and horsewomen who have shaped history. I’ll post some controversial questions that have been around since the dawn of time.

I’ll still feature updates on my publication journey and my latest research. I’ll share some of my horse photography as well.

I realize this might not be of keen interest to some of you readers, and I understand if you remove me from your “to read” list. There are too many good blogs out there and not enough hours in the day.

But if you love horses and you love history, this is the place for you.

I’d love to hear any feedback you may have! Feel free to share – I’m so grateful to all my readers and this journey we’ve endured! 

– Nicole

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  • Horses played a great part in my childhood. The first writing award I received was for an essay I wrote for the International Arabian Horse Assoc, and I received my prize (a bridle) at the National show in Kentucky. It was awesome! Good luck with the change in the blog. I look forward to reading your future posts. And I really like the title!

  • Nicole,

    Time passes and things change. Both of my blogs have gone through such growing pains, too.

    I’m a horse artist and a writer, so there will be something for me no matter what you choose to write about.

    As far as horses in history, my first personal exposure to national publication was as the cover artist for an old tabloid style Arabian magazine called The Arabian Horse Times. Do you remember that? The painting was called Thunder in the Clouds and appeared sometime in the 1980s. I don’t recall when, but the painting was from the early 80s, so….

  • Neat, Nicole! And I don’t think “Hoofbeats of History” is tacky at all. Looking forward to more!

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