How I Broke “Blogging-Block”

American flag at Columbia County Fair and RodeoSo what does it take to break this “has-been” rodeo queen’s blogging-block? Apparently, attending a rodeo.

(I know, it sounds a little obvious in hindsight.)

I started writing in sixth grade because I loved horses and wanted to read more about them. I started writing historical fiction in high school based on incredible real-life stories about horses in history. I started this blog specifically to talk about horses and history, and it evolved as my interaction with horses changed.

Nowadays, I’m just a city girl. My cowgirl boots are tucked away, rarely fished out.

But this past weekend, I attended the Columbia County Fair and Rodeo to see my cousin compete for the court, and it was pure bliss.

The day itself had its ups and downs — It was rather hot, the fair isn’t that large, and we had some time to kill between the pageant and the 7 p.m. rodeo performance.

But it all came back so quickly — the stifling heat of the barns, the smell of animal sweat, the thick aroma of bbq and Yakisoba noodles. I grew up living and breathing the smells of the county fair, showing my horse. I spent two years as a rodeo queen bleeding the sweat of rodeos, parades and fairs. I spent countless days in 100+ degree weather and never regretted it (well, I’m sure there were moments…) I woke at three a.m. to dress and ready my horse for a parade. Now, I rarely push myself or cling to anything so tightly.

How can we go so long without the thing that fulfills us? How can we so easily forget when life gets in the way?

I feel like I rediscovered a piece of myself this past weekend. A piece I don’t want to let go of again.

Question: Have you ever rediscovered a passion and wondered why you had ever stopped? What was that passion? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Much love,
The “has-been” rodeo queen

PS – there were some other crazy things that happened at the fair that I’ll blog about in upcoming days. Stay tuned! 😉


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  • For me it’s Photography. I’ve been working for almost two years now, I’m being paid well, and I actually bought a DSLR on my first pay some 2 years ago, but then I became so busy, so busy that having a DSLR became so worthless because I can’t even use it. But, just last week, I traveled with my friends to a really nice province in Philippines, and I brought my camera with me, took some shots, and I was like “Ahhh, this feeling! This is awesome”, and I don’t want to let go of that feeling again. I’m inspired to build a photography blog again, or maybe just add a page on my existing blog. 🙂 Thanks Nicole for this awesome post by the way. I hope you don’t lose that important part of yourself again. 🙂

  • NicoleMillerbooks

    That’s awesome, Pam! That feeling is sooo important! Keep that DSLR handy — maybe take a ten minute walk each day and take random pics? 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  • You’re welcome Nicole. I’m glad to discover your site. Hahaha! I love to read your blogs, but this one really hit me. 🙂 Yes, a ten minute walk with my DSLR will be great. Thanks for that! 🙂