Hunger Games Movie Update – Why I’m not reviewing it yet…

Yes, I braved the crowds and crazies (I say that lovingly because I guess I am one) to attend the midnight premier of The Hunger Games. (I posted why I was excited about it and why it is more than just a movie to me…)

So posting a review of the movie today would make sense.

But I’m not going to.

Because I believe in spreading the love, I’ve shared the book with countless friends and family, many of which haven’t seen the movie yet. (Understandable – those midnight showings aren’t right for everyone.) So until people see this film for themselves, I’m not going to dissect it.

After attending an advance screening of “War Horse,” I might have been a little to praising of it and I fear I set some standards too high. I don’t want to risk that or point out any flaws and taint your movie-going experience.

Go into it with an open mind. Go into it and enjoy the entertainment. Go see the movie with other Hunger Games fans.

Enjoy the Hunger Games experience.

That’s all I’ll say for now.

(Back to regular blog content after my Hunger Games craze has left my system…so TBD)


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