If you insist on breaking through barriers, you might get a scar or two

You notice the lines across my horse’s chest?

This is what happens when you bust through electric fences – all because the grass is greener on the other side.

Grunnion has always been one for an adventure. He’s crawled under the fence and ended up in places we never thought possible. He usually comes out relatively unscathed. But this last time, he’s got a few cuts to show for it.

This made me think of times in my life where I’ve pushed myself beyond the safe zone, my own fenced pasture. Sometimes I’ve managed to come away successful, triumphant and untouched. Other times, the physical and emotional scars linger.

That is part of the risk, but the reward is far worth it. Even if it is only a few hours of nibbling on the luscious green grass, I know Grunnion is pleased with himself and pleased with the risk he took.

So take the risk. Push through fences. Bask in the moments of glory. Learn from the moments of pain.

Just remember – you never know when the electric fence might start working again. 😉 

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  • Great reminder, Nicole! Risk can hurt, but often it is worth it. Thanks!