Is Pinterest Really Worth the Risk of Addiction?


I say this after “pinning” for about an hour while scouring the inter-web for information and inspiration for my next manuscript.

Pinterest Pinboard Nicole M Miller

The above board is basically a collection of important links and images that all play a factor in my next novel. In the course of this research and content curation, I’ve connected with other horse lovers and even had the shock of a key association following my pins on Pinterest. (Following little ol’ me, really?)

Pinterest is invaluable to a writer. Why? Because you’re reaching people with similar interests = i.e. potential readers.

The beauty of different “boards” is your ability to show your own three-dimensional-ness. (Yes, I made that up.) I think it is cool to know what my favorite authors are cooking. What sort of funny pins they feel like re-pinning. Here you can “show” who you are, rather than “telling.” (Sound familiar.)

Other reasons to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

1. It’s cool. And peer pressure generally works.

2. Pinterest is now third among social media sites for driving referral traffic. That’s huge.

3. Pinterest increased my blog traffic increase by 2-3 times. That’s enough proof for me.

4. Pinterest is a non-sleazy way to sell yourself as an interesting figure. Provided you’re actually interesting.

5. Joining Pinterest instantly makes you seem more “hip.” (Kind of relates to point #1. But it’s true.)

That’s all I have to say about this matter. Now go forth and Pin.

(And leave a comment if you disagree, need a Pinterest invite, or care to tell me how brilliant and witty I am.) 🙂  

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  • I’ve been wondering about this. Is it difficult to figure out? How do you “jump” into it…just go to the website?

  • It’s not difficult, Holly – It is a very focused site – all about sharing images! I’ll send you an invite by email and you can get started! 🙂

  • You’re so brilliant and witty, Nicole! 🙂