Looking back and looking ahead

I think most people take stock at the end of each year and pause for at least a moment to reflect. Where have you been? Where are you going?

For me, I set aside some time and decided to make a list and really examine everything that has occurred in 2011. I stared at a blank page and couldn’t recall much of anything that had happened beyond that morning.

So I turned to Facebook.

Nicole M Miller timeline screenshot
A Screenshot of my Timeline (viewable to developers only)


I have a developer account and thus activated the new “Timeline” layout which includes “important” posts, events and photos from all the content you’ve posted to Facebook. It is digital scrapbooking at its finest and I took full advantage of the feature to go back through each month of 2011. I saw good news, low times, career changes, celebrations, random postings and images from the journey.

Each post, each highlighted moment triggered something in my mind and I was able to evaluate this past year and set my sights for the new year.

Yes, I could be more diligent in journaling or scrapbooking the traditional way, but I really don’t fall naturally into those. I am thrilled by what I was able to discover about myself.

How do you look back at the year? What did you learn?

*Disclosure. I’m a social media coordinator by day. I’m honestly not trying to “sell” Facebook in any way. Honestly, do whatever you want. I’m just sharing my experiences and boy am I ever excited about Facebook’s Timeline (which has yet to be released to the public.)

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