Movement all around

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the people coming and going in our lives—those who come and go but never leave.

I have a dear friend in them midst of her dissertation in England, due to return to the Pacific Northwest in September. Another friend is traveling to England to visit and tour Europe as well.

One of my “Diamond Girls” is leaving to teach English in China for a year. The other “Diamond Girl” is thriving in her job in Texas but able to visit Portland every now and then.

People are constantly moving and changing. But I’m so grateful for the internet and applications like Skype, Facebook, Twitter and texting that keep us all united, no matter where we happen to land on the globe.

While I’m a stickler about not losing the personal aspects of communication—meeting face to face or the value of a hand-written letter, I’m the first to take advantage of the amazing opportunities we have to stay connected.

What is it that has helped you stay connected with long-distance family or friends?

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