Movie Review: Captain America

What? A movie review? I don’t even have a category for that!

It’s true—I don’t do movie reviews. That’s not what my blog is about. But when the movie involves a classic comic hero and the story is set during World War II, I simply cannot resist!

Captain America:

A little background on the actual Captain America comics – He first burst onto the scene in March of 1941 and was mostly portrayed as fighting the Nazis. After the war, interest waned in the comic, but it was revived on and off throughout the decades.

Isn't this beautiful?

This latest revival certainly caught my attention.

But then, how can you resist such beautiful graphics and nostalgic cinematography? Marvel had a winner with Thor (another movie I’m happy to glow about) and their quality was not lacking with The First Avenger, either.

Chris Evans (who also played the Flaming Torch in Fantastic 4) did a terrific job in going beyond the stereotypical superhero role. He was a real human and to the very end, faced real challenges that make him so relatable to the audience.

While there were some historical inaccuracies (fictional liberties aside considering it’s still a superhero movie) – but the story, the script and the authentic 40s feel had me sold from the first few minutes. I recommend this for any history lovers (who don’t mind that none of this actually happened…) 🙂

(Geek alert – Captain America’s story ties into the 2012 release, Avengers – along with Iron Man, Thor and others. So. Excited.) Geek moment over.

What movies have you seen this summer that you’ve loved?

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