My distorted, honest version of a pep talk.

Today marks 28 days of change for me.

– I’ve woken up early 6 days/week to work out

– I’ve cut out all soda and drank a ton of water

– I’ve focused on healthier eating and more nutritional snacks

– I’ve stopped letting things pile up and addressed them as they come

– I’ve realigned some priorities to make room for what really matters


I didn’t plan for most of this. I just acted.

That is the pep talk for today:

Quit waiting for the right moment. The right moment will never come. All we have is right now.  – Click to tweet this.

Make life changes now to get to the place in life you want to be.


After 28 days of these changes, I have a handful of results that I list, but honestly, the most important accomplishment is the accomplishment itself. Sure, there were days I was less successful than others. (Ok, and I’ve skipped a morning workout or two, but I promise I made it up in the afternoon.) It takes 30 days to develop a new habit, and you don’t need to wait to start those 30 days. It doesn’t have to be a new month, new year, new week.

Perfection isn’t the goal. Don’t be discouraged on days you don’t make your goals. Don’t let it derail you, either.

Start right now.

No excuses. Just results.


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  • Well, you’ve totally inspired me. I’m starting now with very similar changes. Who knows how many others you have inspired today. Bless you!

  • Graham

    What does this remind me of? Have you seen Requiem for a Dream? this reminds me of the commercial. JUICE BY NIKKI!

  • Just what I needed to hear today Nicole! Short and sweet. Thanks!