My Greatest Fear (and how it won’t leave me alone)

In continuing with sharing a little more about myself in each blog, I hereby share my greatest, irrational fear with you all.

It is not failure.

It is not heights.

It is not public speaking.

It is snakes.

I’m scared-to- death, completely, ridiculously scared of snakes.

I remember each and every time I have seen a snake since I was ten or eleven. I remember each location I saw them and how loud I screamed.

So when I saw three (yes, three) snakes on my bicycle ride home last night, I began to rethink my method of transportation.

There has been teasing from the family, talk of ways to break my fear, utter panic whenever I go to a zoo or park. Honestly, I know it is something I will have to learn to live with. I’m a bit more controlled in those situations, but I did nearly swerve off the path…and my imagination goes wild and I see snakes in every shadow on the ground…

***calming myself down***

So there it is. The one thing that sends me running and screaming (except for maybe a really good purse sale…)

Question for you…are you irrationally afraid of anything?

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