My horse, the super model

You have seen the pictures all over my home page and my “about me” page – the little grey horse is my Arabian gelding, Grunnion. While the camera here paints him in a nice light, he hasn’t always been the most eye-catching equine. In fact, we call him a “donkey.” But this eight-year-old has a heart of gold and I have owned him since he was three and known him since he was born.

My friends, Christopher and Ashlee Murr (, wanted to do a photo shoot with a horse, so I volunteered my ugly duckling, hoping a good bath would fix him right up. Well, he did look beautiful and we had a good time with five different models and hours full of keeping him from licking the models to death. 

Here are some of the highlights: Please leave a comment and tell me which is your favorite!

IMG_6509 IMG_6522IMG_7036e IMG_7210 IMG_7280 IMG_6621

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